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When can you think and travel outside the box by going inside the box?

It’s not a paradox or an unsolvable riddle, it’s Womple Box!

Womple Studios subscription boxes allow your child to be immersed in the geography and culture of different countries all over the world. Your child (and you) will be engaged and inspired through storytelling and crafts as Womple Box creates full-circle moments. 

Womple Box Review // Melanated Gold Review Squad

According to the website, each Womple Box contains the following: 

● Illustrated early-reader adventure book 
● Two hands-on STEAM projects 
● Fold-out map & fact-filled country guide 
● Pen pal pack with stickers
● Memorable collectibles from each country including a postcard, and more!

“WompleBox takes your child on adventures that will last a lifetime!” 


Product Information

Recommended Age/Grade: Ages 6 to 11 years

Product Type: Physical

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South Africa Box

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