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Torchlight Review

Have you ever felt like you could not find the perfect curriculum to fit your family, so you’d be better off creating your own? Well, that’s what Tiffany, the author of Torchlight did. This eclectic, secular, literature-based curriculum inspires exploration and creative thinking. This curriculum can be useful for various learners–from unschoolers to learners at home.

Torchlight Review // Melanated Gold Review Squad

Torchlight is designed for students from pre-K to middle school.

Level Pre-K: Curiosity & Character is suitable for learners ages 4-5.
Level K: Worldly Wisdom is suitable for learners ages 5-7.
Level 1: Myth & Magic.  is suitable for learners ages 6-8.
Level 2: Logic & Legend is suitable for learners 7-9.
Level 3: Innovation & Inquiry is suitable for learners ages 8-12.
Level 4: Ideas & Identity is suitable for learners ages 9-13.
Level 5: Equity & Ethics is suitable for learners ages 10-14.

Not sure which level would work best? Take the placement quiz here to find out.

Torchlight was created to fulfill the idea of the adult learning alongside the child using the Socratic method to find answers in later learning years, and ask quality questions. Socrates’ philosophy held that students should never be fed the answers, instead, they should be taught to ask quality questions. This process leads to the self-discovery of facts, including the how and why behind them. It instills the learner with confidence and the know-how to answer any question and solve any problem.


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Torchlight Review // Melanated Gold Review Squad

Recommended Age/Grade: 4 to 14 years old

Product Type: PDF

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Torchlight Level 5: Equity & Ethics

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