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As parents, we want the best for our children! We dream about them going out into the world and becoming productive citizens. We teach them the importance of taking good care of themselves and others. We expose them to the arts. Because our overall goal is that they will grow up to be good people. Oak Meadow is a Waldorf-inspired curriculum that challenges learners to put into practice all of the good things we try to instill in them. From learning about their bodies in health to creating masterpieces worthy of filling a world-class museum, this curriculum does it all!

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Education is no longer about bringing students a world of information. It is about sharing with them a world of ideas: Eco-education. Social responsibility. Ethical considerations. Communication. Creative thought. Earth stewardship. Cultural heritage. Good citizenship. Media literacy. Sustainability. Life goals. These concepts form the foundation for meaningful academic studies.


Recommended Age/Grade: Preschool through High School

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Special Notes: Oak Meadow Distance learning combines the beauty of homeschooling with the support of a traditional school. No need to worry about grading papers, managing records, or even preparing for life after homeschool. Through this program, staff members are available to partner with your family along your homeschool journey. Click here to learn more about Oak Meadow’s Distance learning program.

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