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A great book is one that can stir up emotions and even inspire change. Many of us can recall stories that we read way back in our childhoods.

Lightning Literature by Hewitt Learning is a language arts curriculum designed to challenge readers to develop a fondness for reading and sharpen their skills in grammar, mechanics, and composition.

The P.A.S.S. (Personalized Achievement Summary System) Test is a standardized test that is becoming increasingly popular among homeschooling families. It is untimed and has a pretest to find each student’s appropriate testing level.

Lightning Literature Review // Melanated Gold Review Squad

Recommended Age/Grade: 1st Grade through High School

Product Type: Physical

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Special Notes: Hewitt Learning sponsors the Independent Innovator Challenge (IIC). Held annually, this virtual competition “promotes and celebrates youth innovation in the United States.” To learn more about the IIC, check out the program here.

Click on the image below to find out what the Melanated Gold Review Squad thought about Oh, Freedom!

Kendra @ A Heart 4 Homeschool
Grade 5
Christal @ MamaSweetBaby
Grade 1

P.A.S.S. Test Review

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