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Think back to when you were in school, how do you remember learning grammar? I remember learning rhyming songs, constant repetition, and lots of complicated rules as I advanced through school. This method may work for some students, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…It doesn’t work for everybody!

Grammar Galaxy (Fun to Learn), created by Melanie Wilson (a licensed clinical psychologist and homeschooling mom), takes a different approach to the study of grammatical concepts. Students through navigating through a series of missions have so much fun that they do not realize that they are becoming grammar pros.

Here is how Grammar Galaxy works:

1) A 10-minute story is read by either a parent or independently by a student who is at the Prostar level or higher.

2) Students are directed to their mission manual to complete their 10-15 minute mission. Parents may help as much as needed.

3) Complete a challenge (test…shhh!!!). Students have two chances to get at least nine out of 10 correct. The student earns a gold star for his/her bookmark when the challenge is passed.

Grammar Galaxy Review // Melanated Gold Review Squad

Grammar Galaxy covers the following topics: literature, vocabulary, spelling strategies, grammar, composition, and public speaking through seven volumes:

Nebula (Volume 1) is suitable for students in Grades 1 and 2.
Protostar (Volume 2) is suitable for students in Grade 3.
Yellow Star (Volume 3) is suitable for students in Grade 4 and up.
Red Star (Volume 4) is suitable for students in Grade 5 and up.
Blue Star (Volume 5) is suitable for students in Grade 6 and up.
Nova (Volume 6) is suitable for students in Grade 7 and up.
Supernova (Volume 7) is suitable for students in Grade 8 and up.

Not sure which level would work best? Take the placement quiz here to find out.

Grammar Galaxy uses short, entertaining stories to teach language arts concepts in a memorable way. The accompanying workbook is no workbook at all, but a Mission Manual asking your student to help save the galaxy from the chaos the Gremlin creates.

grammar galaxy

Product Information

Grammar Galaxy Review // Melanated Gold Review Squad

Recommended Age/Grade: 1st to 8th Grade

Product Type: Physical (350-page book), Digital (PDF)

Special Notes: Audiobooks and flashcards are available for Volumes 1-3.

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